Laned Homes

Cornerstone’s laned homes, also known as “zero lot line homes”, are created with choice, comfort, value, and style kept top-of-mind. These homes are designed to creatively maximize living space to grow with you and your family. Each of our builders’ homes aim to provide private, quality homes without the maintenance required for many front-drive homes.

These homes are available with both front and rear garage access options. Each builder offers a range of sizes and options from gourmet kitchens and lavish ensuites to extensive room choice flexibility to make your dream home a reality.

With true home value, distinct floor plans, and the wide selection of amenities in the Cornerstone community, these zero-lot-line homes allow for the things that really matter to occur in a space that reflects who you and your family truly are.

Explore more about high-quality zero-lot line home options with our builders, Pacesetter, Shane Homes, and Jayman BUILT below.

What Does Zero Lot Line mean?

A zero-lot-line house is a type of property in which one side of the home comes up to the edge of the property line. This goal of a zero lot line property is to get as much living space out of a narrower lot as possible.

The general consensus is that what you lack in a side yard will be made up for with extra living space and common areas. In real estate, these types of homes are considered to give more value for money. They allow families to have a larger house then what would be possible with different types of properties on the same size lot. These are a great deal for young families looking for an affordable housing option, without having the shared walls of a townhouse or duplex.

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