Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the community be complete?

Cornerstone will be constructed over a series of planned phases, with an anticipated completion in 2028.

  1. How many people will be in Cornerstone once complete?

Upon completion, the community of Cornerstone will be home to nearly 31,000 people.

  1. When will the lots around the wetland be available?

The amenity lots along the wetland are expected to come to market in 2020.

4. What amenities are offered in the area?

Cornerstone will offer six schools, from kindergarten to grade 12, over 50 acres of playfields and park spaces, two community centres, a large regional park and 119 acres of green space surrounded by an extensive network of trails.

Learn more about Cornerstone Amenities >

  1. Where is the location of the future LRT station and when will it be open?

The future LRT station will be located at the intersection of 60th Street and Country Hills Blvd NE.

The Cornerstone LRT station is currently in the planning stages with the City of Calgary. An expected completion date has not been released. The LRT is funded and built by all three levels of government and at this time funding has not been secured for the blue line extension to Cornerstone. We will continue to keep our residents informed of any changes moving forward.

  1. When will there be schools in the community?

Developers are responsible for dedicating the land on which schools are built, but the schools themselves are funded and constructed by the Province of Alberta and respective school boards. At this time, there is no timeline confirmed to start the schools in Cornerstone.

  1. How tall will the multifamily projects be?

Cornerstone’s multifamily projects will range in height from four to six storeys. There is also a planned Major Activity Centre (MAC) at the intersection of Country Hills Boulevard and 60th Street that may support future construction of up to eight storeys. The MAC will be a comprehensively designed mixed use development that will serve as a central hub of the community when it is complete.

  1. When will I get a tree planted in front of my home?

Street trees are typically planted around the time of sodding, which occurs annually between April and October. If you moved into your home after October, your tree will be planted the following spring to ensure it has the best chance of taking root. For more information please see the link below.

The Cornerstone Tree Planting Program>


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