Architectural Guidelines

The architecture throughout Cornerstone is of a progressive traditional style. Homes with familiar forms and massing are highlighted with modern elements that create the distinction that sets this community apart. The elements of modernity begin with large expanses of glazing and unique window configurations and continue by providing unique expression through signature detailing elements. These can include, but are not limited to, unusual beamwork or trellis features, steel posts, flat or shed roof accents, unusual materials, planter details, wing walls etc. Further enhancements are encouraged through stylized house numbers, light fixtures and mailboxes.

Continuity and cohesion are established throughout Cornerstone by the strength of Modern Prairie elevations that continually recur throughout all the Cornerstone neighbourhoods. Further connectivity is created along the main “Boulevard” where the same Modern Prairie style is highlighted with a strong Urban Brownstone look that distinctively carries along the boulevard through each of the Cornerstone neighbourhoods.

The distinction of each neighbourhood is established through the pairing of these Modern Prairie elevations with a unique style in each.

  • Cornerstone Gate: Modern
  • Cornerstone View: Craftsman
  • Cornerstone Ridge: Arts & Crafts
  • Cornerstone Point: French Country
  • Cornerstone Park: Tudor
  • Cornerstone Boulevard: Brownstone
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